Illustration titled Warrior Woman plus quote 'You hold the power. You regain it when you stop giving it away.' Quote and Illustration both by Jacqui Alder

You Hold The Power

Meet Warrior Woman. She is my representation of feminine strength inspired by different women from different backgrounds. I was moved to draw her because I

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Jacqui Alder Aged 39

When I was 39

When I was 39, ⁠I had some glamour shots taken. Because I was leaving my 30’s behind. Because I wanted to remember how I looked

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Dark green pool of water with woman wearing a black dress flaoting on on her back amongst floating white ad red flowers

Is Your Bucket Full?

Paige is a whip smart dynamo who has three children under age three, including unruly twin boys nick-named ‘Des’ and ‘Troy’ by great grandma. Paige

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