In a world crowded with advice for women, it’s time to decide what's right for you.

Are you trying to reconcile being successful with staying true to yourself? Have you read the books and heard the advice, but don’t know where to start?

I’m Jacqui Alder. I write and design beautiful books that help women stay true to themselves as they navigate life’s twists and turns. Their purpose is to empower you to be successful at being yourself in your life and career

Each book acts as your personal life coach and follows my unique 3 step self-coaching process that has helped women from around the world make positive change in their lives.

Clarity  –  about who you are and what’s most important to you.

Simplicity  –  so you can focus your energy.

Success  –  on your terms. One step at a time.

Clarity Simplicity Success for Women (pictured) is a beautifully illustrated self-coaching journal made in Australia from high quality environmentally sustainable paper.

Hi, I’m Jacqui Alder.

I’ve been you. Feeling torn between my responsibilities and my own needs. Trying to work out why everyone else’s version of success felt like I was being untrue to myself. Knowing I’ve got to do ‘something’ to get myself back on track.

I discovered my answer and it’s unique to me. Likewise, your answer is unique to you.

Discovering your answer involves asking yourself the right questions.

But what are the questions? Now those I have. I’ve put them into the resources at the heart of this site –  for women. For you.

B&W photo ofJacqui Alder author Clarity Simplicity Success for Women seated in a garden
The burgundy inside cover opening to the title page of the journal Clarity Simplicity Success

It began with the Clarity Simplicity Success for Women self-coaching journal.

Equivalent to a 12-month coaching program, this coach in a book is a tool for deep reflection that helps you define what success means to you, and guides you to attain that success. 

The women who have used the journal tell me it’s been an empowering and transformational experience.

This journal is more than a tool – it really enables an evolution of the soul.’ Natalie Lane, Director Your Hive

The journal isn’t alone.

I’ve added a series of shorter self-coaching guides covering a range of topics, including self-confidence.

On this site you’ll also find articles, videos, a free values exercise from the journal, and other free resources for you to download.

I’m constantly working on creating more tools to support you and have an exciting new book in the pipeline which will be ready for launch next year.

An antidote to all the advice for women

Why Self-coaching?

Through my work with women, I came to realise some women simply couldn’t make face-to-face coaching fit in the juggle. There were others where cost was a factor.

I hear from women that there’s an even more important reason.




Because sometimes we need to have a conversation with our self before we’re ready to talk to others. It takes time to peel back the layers and listen to yourself. The self-coaching questions, quotes, and illustrations guide you to do just that.


There’s also a more personal story – I share it on the ‘How It Started’ page. 


Inside pages of Clarity Simplicity Success journal showing the core values section with on of the page illustrations in a desktop display
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