Smiling Jacqui Alder wearing blue top in a cafe with her book

I'm Jacqui, it’s nice to meet you.

This is me in my local café. 

It’s here that I wrote my first book, many thousands of other words, and some of the words in my latest book, Being You. I chose this shot because this is me as you would see me if you met me in person. 

If we do meet, you’ll find I wear glasses. I took them off for this shot because I wanted you to be able to see my eyes to give you a sense of who I am.

Personally, I’d rather get a sense of who someone is before I consider how impressed I am by what they’ve done. So, before I try to impress you with my experience and qualifications, I’d like to share some things about me as a person.

“Being successful at being you will help you be
successful at whatever you do.”

Jacqui Alder

I was born with an independent spirit which was both a source of pride and frustration for my parents.

I’m intensely curious, particularly about people. I love nothing more than to hear the stories of others.

My curious, independent spirit has been both my best asset and my worst enemy.
I’ve overcome her strong critical voice and wrestled with her when she wanted to be both free and safe. I’ve pulled her back from the brink of self-destruction when she thought she could ignore the needs of her physical body.

Along the way, I dropped out of high school, got a job, got married, made a career, earned qualifications, started a consulting business, and traveled the world for work – in that order.

Woman (Jacqui Alder) laughing wearing pink top and holding a cup of coffee

My Professional Biography

JacquiAlder Corporate shot from 2018

This is the corporate Jacqui before I decided to wind up my consulting business.

For 18 years I was director of my own HR consultancy and worked with multinational companies to deliver complex change projects across Australia, Europe, and Asia. I’ve also had an extensive career in human resources and worked in multiple industry sectors including Resources, Transport, Defence Contracting, Oilfield Services, and Professional Services.

My qualifications include a Master of Commerce, accreditations in Change Management, Executive Coaching, and Project Management. I’m also a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. During my rich and diverse career, I’ve had personal experience of the inner conflict women feel as they try to balance the competing expectations of their various roles in life and work.

These experiences have brought me here, writing to you. They’ve also reinforced my sincere belief that the best way to make our world a better place is to help women rediscover their inner power.

Because I believe we can all succeed – in our own way.

I hope what I do helps you find your way.