Luxury Self Coaching Journal for Women (Limited Edition)


Limited Edition 
Includes Author Support

Your personal life coach in a luxury hard cover guide comes with e-mail support from the author. This self-coaching journal has helped women from around the world make positive change in their lives. It is ideal for any woman who is seeking to clarify their personal direction. Perfect for those wishing to give a beautiful and thoughtful Christmas or Birthday gift to a friend or loved one – or for yourself.

Clarity Simplicity Success contains a unique process which helps women define success from the inside out and guides them to attain that success.

This limited edition self-coaching journal is beautifully illustrated, hand sewn, and made in Australia from high quality, environmentally sustainable vellum paper. The price includes e-mail support from the author, Jacqui Alder.

Here is what women are saying about Clarity Simplicity Success:

‘I hope Jacqui’s book helps you as much as it helped my friend.’ Alanna Bastin-Byrne

‘This journal is more than a tool – it really enables an evolution of the soul.’ Natalie Lane

‘Don’t be fooled by this deceptively simple book – it can be life changing.’ Heather Falckh

‘It’s like having a guide for my life.’ Megan Del Borrello

‘This journal was the voice telling me it was okay to be myself.’ Claire George

‘I bought the book because I am at a place in my life where I know I want more, there is something more for me to do and I was unsure what the ‘more’ will look like.  I recommend it to all women who want to know what their ‘more’ is and go forth on that conviction.’ Davina De Stefanis