Being You


Accept Yourself. Be Yourself.

This book is a love letter to your inner self.

Are you experiencing an inexplicable sense that despite nothing being wrong ‘something’ isn’t right?

This may be a sign your inner self has an important message for you. You are who you are because of your inner self, for she is the essence of you. Without her, you wouldn’t be you. Without you, she wouldn’t have become who she is today.

Yet, she may be concealed. Because you have had to hide aspects of her in order to fit in, she has been covered in layers: layers of responsibility, of expectation, and of protection.

Nevertheless she remains, a whispering voice within calling to you. Seeking to make herself heard above the noise of your existence. Reminding you of who you are. Guiding you towards what is best for both of you. Now is the time for you to listen.

A book for these times and a book for every woman at any time. Printed in full colour, Being You is an illustrated, poetic pilgrimage which will rekindle your inner self and awaken you to what she has to say.  Browse through it, absorb the experience, let the art and the words soak in, and return to it again and again.

‘Finally, there’s a book in the world guiding you to learn to celebrate the ‘you’ you already are. Own this book. Read it, regularly. Give it to the people you love. ’  Jay Crisp Crow

‘Being You is a journey – part artwork, part poetry. You don’t read Being You as much as experience it. The words provide both a salve for the heart and a feast for the eyes. A book to return to over and over again.’ Tammy Tansley

‘Being You is a rare thing of charm and consciousness. Unique in its style and content, thought provoking, guiding and questioning. It’s also an artwork full of drawings, sketches and small pieces of beauty.’  Nicola Jenkins

‘This book has reminded me that I need to shut out the noise around me, listen to my gut feelings and reconnect with my purpose.  Being You would resonate with any woman who needs to reconnect with herself, overcome self-doubt or regain her sense of self-worth.’  Megan Del Borrello

‘I absolutely loved every single page of Being You. It’s like reaching out to a wise mentor in a time of need only to find out that the wise mentor is indeed my inner self, and the answers are already within.’ Shereen Qutob