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‘I hope Jacqui’s book helps you as much as it has helped my friend.‘

My friends and I bought Jacqui Alder’s self-coaching journal for a friend going through a significant career transition. I wanted something that could be there for her at the moments we couldn’t be, like the middle of the night when you can’t get to sleep because of work worries. It has really helped her steer her path along her own definition of success and has helped her change systems and structures, assisting others. I hope Jacqui’s book helps you as much as it has helped my friend

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Director at Your Hive

‘This journal is more than a tool – it really enables an evolution of the soul. ‘
I became aware of the journal when Jacqui engaged my business to help her establish business processes for her Clarity Simplicity Success brand. At first, I read it to help me understand her work and decide how to best support her. As time went on, I became increasingly curious which led me to work through the journal for myself. I was intrigued to find out how I could turn my already clear focus into a simpler form of success.

Working through the self-coaching process assisted me to zoom in on the combination of my personal and business goals. It’s led me to make several positive changes in my business. Before then I hadn’t realised how much my personal clarity would impact on my business success.

I particularly like the personal way Jacqui has written the journal. It felt like I was sitting and talking with her; I could hear her voice as I read through the pages. The person who comes through the pages matches the person that I’ve come to know.

I’d recommend the journal for any woman seeking personal clarity who’s ready to do some deep personal reflection. It takes time to work through it, you have to allow the process to evolve and give yourself space to truly let your thoughts bubble to the surface. It would also help people who are considering hiring a coach, or who are at the beginning of their coaching journey – this journal enables you to get your thoughts into the right gear!

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MEGAN DEL BORRELLO Founder, Behind the Brands and Gloss Marketing Communications I bought the journal to help me focus on what I wanted out of life. It’s helped me become very clear on what is important to me and what isn’t. It’s also made me to realise that whatever I decide is or isn’t important is okay because it’s my life. The fact that I can go back to it over and over whenever I am stuck or something in my life changes has been helpful. It’s like having a guide for my life. I’m a founder of two businesses and would recommend the journal to other women in business who are wanting to grow and scale.
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Shireen DuPreez Career Coach, Executive Recruiter, and Author I bought the journal because I’m interested in self coaching for myself and for others. It’s great to see a professionally put together book that takes you through a self-coaching process. It’s helpful to get your thoughts out onto paper and to have a structure which helps organise them. I particularly like that it’s of high quality throughout; in the content, the binding, and the original illustrations. I’d recommend it to others as a self-improvement / self-coaching tool. We all need to learn how to self coach better.
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Executive Assistant

I felt I needed some guidance on how to work towards success in my life. At different times in my life, I’ve not always had a clear sense of direction of what to do next. I purchased the journal because I can work through each section at my own pace, in my own time.

The process has helped me to think about who I am as person, my value system, and what I can create for the future.

I found the tasks somewhat challenging but because I can do them in my own time, it allowed me to reflect, assess, and move on to the next section when I was ready. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed colouring in the amazing illustrations. After a long day at work, turning my thoughts to selecting which colour pencil I to use next was therapeutic and relaxing – I highly recommend it! The process of colouring-in helped my subconscious to work through the exercises while I was having fun.

I would recommend the journal to others. It’s an affordable option when compared to face-to-face coaching. Plus, being able to do it at your own pace, but with support from Jacqui if you need it, helps reduce the sense of pressure while giving you time to think things through.

I also love that the hardback journal is a personal treasure you can keep for a long time, refer to, and look back on.

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HR Professional 

The journal came just at the right time for me. I was looking for ‘something else’ in my life, but I wasn’t sure what to do, where to start, or whether I should look at all. Perhaps I should just keep doing what I was doing.

When I started the journal, I didn’t find it hard to answer the first question “What is Important TO YOU?” I came up with 3 bullet points. But I was very surprised how different they were from what I thought they were going to be. I wrote those 3 points in pencil just in case I change my mind, so I could erase them and start again.

I stopped on this page for quite some time and I visited the questions a few more times to make sure that the answers weren’t just temporary. When I was ready to move on, I found the exercises on the next few pages affirmed my answers to that first question. I started to see a consistent theme.

I re-read these pages over and over again. It was as if I was scared to accept that those 3 points were permanent. I asked myself, ‘Is this real? This does not sound like me? Maybe I am not the same Witra?’ Then, realizing I was stuck, I reached out to Jacqui for some guidance.

The journal has helped me to think about what I really want to do. A question that I haven’t asked myself for a very long time.

The concept of the journal is brilliant. It challenges your mind at a very core. Apart from this I just LOVE the book, the color, the illustration, and the quotes.

I’ve already given a copy to my sister-in-law as we’ve both been talking about what’s next for some time. I recommend the journal it to anyone who is wanting to make some sort of change and wants a space where they can discover what that is, and create it for themselves.

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HR Professional, Wife, and Mother of Two

This journal is a great tool that has helped me with a roadmap for more than one life challenge I’m currently overcoming.

Finding the journal was timely for me. I was stuck and didn’t know how to proceed, I found this journal to be an excellent place to start. It helped me break the essence of the problem down and allowed me to develop my road map out of confusion and into action.

The self-coaching process has also helped me identify my own internal resources and talents in tackling a challenging life issue.

What do I like the most? There are so many things. A part that stands out is ‘tracking my progress’, which helps you to stay accountable. I wish I had several copies and may just end up purchasing them to pass along to friends. It’s great for anyone who may be feeling stuck in life.

The book is stunning! Honestly, I feel that Jacqui has been so generous of spirit to share, what feels like, a piece of herself, her wisdom, intelligence, experience, and a roadmap people can use for many and varied situations.

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Founder – Organisational Effectiveness Solutions

Self-Coaching Journal

I bought the journal to assist with sorting my thoughts about what is working well, what is not, and what could I do differently. It’s been helpful to have a space to think and plan which keeps it all together in one place.

Doing the journal has prompted me to take time out to contemplate what I’m doing and what I need to do differently to reach my goals. I also really liked the support and encouragement from Jacqui. The journal reminds us all to reflect and plan for success.

I recommend this beautifully crafted book to other women who would like to take control of their own success.


Jacqui is a wonderful coach and mentor who is able to make the complex simple. She asks the right challenging questions to open my thinking to new and improved ways of doing things. Jacqui’s mentoring sessions have provided a view from another perspective and helped me to question my actions and realign them with my goals.

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Innovation, Business Improvement, and Transformation Specialist – Jarramundi Consulting

I was attracted to the beauty and quality of Jacqui’s self-coaching journal. It’s high quality from cover to cover, in how it’s made, and what it contains. I bought it to help me clarify for myself what want.

I like the structure it gives to your thinking, plus you can to get support from the author if you need it.

It’s helped me to get some clarity and I’ve already recommended the journal and the self-coaching process to my friends.

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I bought this self-coaching journal to help me reflect during a time of change, and this has helped me to make a life changing decision. I’d worked with Jacqui before, and knowing that it came with her support was reassuring, if I got stuck she was just an e-mail away.

In some parts of the book I found the self-reflection relatively easy, but other sections encouraged me to think more deeply. Jacqui’s desire to help others doesn’t prevent her from asking the tough questions.

I have now taken the bold step of starting my own consulting business. I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing this in the past. The journal has helped me to reflect on my strengths, the things that are important to me, and to reassess my goals.

Don’t be fooled by this deceptively simple book – it can be life changing. I highly recommend Clarity Simplicity Success to those wanting to reflect upon what’s important to them and clarify their direction.

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