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Have you ever felt helpless at being unable to help a friend?

I have. There’s a younger woman who’s dear to me. She had been hit by several difficult life issues all at once. But those very life issues meant I couldn’t reach her.

I went looking for a resource to help her. I found lots of advice. Advice can be helpful, but ultimately you must make your own choices, and find your own path. Besides, my friend was already overloaded with advice. She needed help getting clarity about what was right for her.

After months of looking, I couldn’t find what I was seeking. But I couldn’t let this go. I had to do something to help my friend. So, in early 2017 I sat down to write.

I asked myself

‘What questions would I ask the younger Jacqui to help her?’

‘How could she have been easier on herself while she tackled the mistakes, missteps, and detours that are part of life?’

‘Which questions would help her discover what it meant to be successful from within?’

The self-coaching journal was born.

The result is Clarity Simplicity Success – A Self Coaching Journal for Women. She started as a love project. As a result of creating her, I’ve found my version of success, by helping the one person I hoped to help.

Since then the journal has helped other women. I hope it will help many more.

Because I’ve discovered a deeper ‘why’ at my core.

I’m concerned at the fragility of women’s rights.

Individual women are the roots of the tree of women’s rights. We must fortify ourselves to enable that tree to grow stronger, so it can weather any storms which may come.

My purpose is to change the world for the better, one woman at a time.

To help other women to be themselves, to create their own picture of success, and take baby steps towards it until those steps turn into strides.

To help create more female role models that are ‘real’ models. Women who’ve taken ownership of their version of success. Real models who show others it’s possible to be successful and be yourself.

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Would you like to be a real model for others?