Illustration of titled Isfahan with quote' For all women are strong women, Powerful beyond comprehension, Wise beyond time.' both by Jacqui Alder

All Women Are Strong Women

We’re all strong, even when we’d rather not have to be.⁠

In this post pandemic world women need their collective and individual strength more than ever. I hope that my words will remind you of your inner strength. 

I’m currently working on a book of poetry, drawings, and prose which is scheduled for launch next year. It will include this illustration and the poem below.

Her face spoke to me when I saw her photo and I had to draw her.⁠ 

I’ve named her Isfahan. She’s named after the historic Persian of city; a city so revered that a Persian proverb describes it thus, ‘Isfahan is half of the world.’ ⁠

As a female, this Isfahan also represents half of the world. When I look into her eyes, I hear her saying this:⁠

I have seen things I cannot unsee⁠,
I bear scars no child should bear⁠,
Yet I am strong.⁠

What I have endured has shown me⁠
The power I hold within⁠.
I was always strong.⁠

All I have seen and borne in life⁠
Has shown me where to find⁠
My boundless endurance. ⁠

It dwells within me as a pearl⁠
Deep inside the oyster shell⁠,
Yet it is not soft.⁠

Trouble me, vex me, aggravate me ⁠,
And I shall cover my troubles⁠
With lustrous beauty.⁠

But dare not try to crush me⁠,
Or I shall rise with others⁠
As a radiant power.⁠

For all women are strong women,⁠
Powerful beyond comprehension⁠,
Wise beyond time. ⁠

Jacqui Alder © 2020⁠ ⁠

Please note, as the author I assert my copyright over these words, and as the artist I express my copyright over this illustration. I request it be respected.

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About the Author

Jacqui Alder is an internationally experienced human resources executive, consultant, and coach, with over 30 years’ experience in global businesses. She has worked in Australia, Europe, and Asia across multiple industry sectors.

She is founder at Clarity Simplicity Success for Women, and author of several books, including a life changing self-coaching journal for women. The purpose of this business is to empower women to define their own meaning of success with their values at its heart.

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