What do you forgive yourself for?

What do you forgive yourself for?

A Poem

This poem can be found in my latest book, Being You. I hope it helps you choose to forgive yourself for your imperfections; they exist only as a fog across your perception. Open your heart to yourself, open your arms to life, and let yourself be: be you. Written with my love. Jacqui


What do you forgive yourself for?

For everything.

What else is there to do?

To hold on, to regret, to hurt, to anger?

For a past self

For a past time

That no longer exists?

To forgive is to give peace.

For all you have been.

For all you have overcome.

Because in doing so you have become.

Jacqui Alder


What I write here and my books  are inspired by the example of women such as my grandmother. You have the power within you to honour them, yourself, and other women and girls. Not by self-sacrifice, but self-leadership. In freeing yourself from the burdens of unrealistic self-expectations and allowing yourself to be, learn, and grow. Life is not always pretty, it’s certainly not perfect (whatever that is) but it is indeed beautiful, as are you if you’ll allow yourself to be and accept yourself for who you are. It is my most fervent wish for you to truly be you.

NOTE: Illustrations used in header are by Emma Francesca and are copyrighted. 

Be Successful, Be Yourself

Hi, I’m Jacqui Alder. I’m here because I’m over women being told what and how they should be.

Smiling Jacqui Alder wearing blue top in a cafe with her book

You don’t need to be fixed, there’s nothing wrong with you. 

I learned this the hard way and now I know better. I now know that the path to making it easier to stay true to yourself begins and ends with you. This is why I’ve created the beautiful books you’ll find here.

Each book is designed to help you hear yourself so you can put your energy into living a life guided by your values rather than worrying whether you’re doing the right thing by everyone else.

If you want to meet me in person or virtually, feel free to contact me. I also invite you to take a look my latest book, Being You, download the guided values exercise from my self coaching journal, or take a peek at my slightly cheeky about me page.

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