Little Coaching Book of Self-Confidence


Repair and rebuild.

The Little Coaching Book of Self-Confidence is designed to help you recover and rebuild your sense of self-confidence.

Be expertly guided to rebuild your confidence by your personal life coach in a beautifully illustrated book. Using Jacqui Alder’s Situational Self Confidence Model© this book will guide you to understand what’s impacting your sense of confidence. Then, you’ll take action to rebuild by expanding your comfort zone – one step at a time.

Just like a coach, this book provides the questions, but the answers are yours – because only you know what’s right for you. Use it in conjunction with your own blank journal, and work through the questions at a pace that suits you.

Another transformative and empowering book from the Clarity Simplicity Success series, this visually stunning self-coaching guide uses a unique self-coaching process which has helped women from across the globe make positive change in their lives.

In formulating these books, the author, Jacqui Alder has drawn on lessons from research, and her 30 years’ experience as a coach, consultant, and executive. The Clarity Simplicity Success series provides a values centred roadmap for reflection that doesn’t prescribe what women ‘should’ be.

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