Your female employees deserve the best.

If you’re seeking to enhance the well-being and performance your female employees, this is a flexible and effective alternative to individual coaching. Clarity Simplicity Success – a Self Coaching Journal for Women, contains a process which is informed by research and decades of personal experience.

It includes exercises designed to help women overcome the effects of stereotype threat.

Clarity Simplicity Success has helped professional women from all over the world manage the blend of career, personal responsibilities, and their own ideas of success.

This visual and tactile A5 journal enables your employees to complete the self coaching at their convenience. They don’t need to fit another meeting in their schedule and it is entirely portable.

Your employees can also opt for email support from Jacqui, the author. It’s all included in the price.

The gorgeous design has been formulated to boost the psychological impact of the self coaching process. Features include original illustrations of diverse women which can be coloured-in – an activity proven to reduce stress.

Unique in design, Clarity Simplicity Success – A Self Coaching Journal for Women, is beautifully illustrated, hand sewn, and made in Australia from environmentally sustainable vellum paper.

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