Book display shoring the burgundy coloured front cover of Clarity Simplicity Success A Self Coaching Journal for women by Jacqui Alder

Are you trying to reconcile being successful at your various roles in life with staying true to yourself?


Imagine how you’d feel if you could create your own definition of success – one that’s right for you.

This self coaching journal was designed with you in mind. It will guide you to:

  • Clarity      Who you are and what’s important to you – at this point in time.
  • Simplicity Focus on things that give you energy.
  • Success     Create your success on your terms – one step at a time.

“This beautifully illustrated, hand sewn, self-coaching journal is made in Australia from high quality, environmentally sustainable paper.”

Hi, I’m Jacqui Alder.

I’ve been you. Feeling torn between my responsibilities and my own needs. Feeling like I’m not doing anything well enough. Feeling like I’ve got to do ‘something’ to get myself back on track. Trying to work out how to be successful and be true to myself.

This isn’t the part where I tell you I discovered ‘the answer’. I discovered my answer, it’s unique to me. Likewise, your answer is unique to you.

Discovering your answer involves asking yourself the right questions. But what are the questions? Now those I have. I’ve put them into this self-coaching journal for women. For you.

The burgundy inside cover opening to the title page of the journal Clarity Simplicity Success

It helps you define what success means to you and guides you to attain that success.

Clarity Simplicity Success contains a unique process based on lessons from my experience as a consultant, coach, and a woman. I’ve also incorporated lessons from research in the design and structure.

Working through your self-coaching journal will shine a light within you. There, you’ll find your answers to important questions and crystallise your definition of success. This clarity will help you to focus on what’s important to you. The journal will then guide you towards your success at a pace that’s right for you.

I want the change the world for the better – one woman at a time.

Small steps, achievable goals, energised action – this is what I’ve seen work for women who want to change their world. It’s a different approach to the ‘Dream Big’ and ‘Have Audacious Goals’ concepts, but I’ve seen it results in more energy, less stress, and greater satisfaction.

Perhaps the most satisfying result: these women become role models for others.

Why self-coaching?

Through my work with women, I came to realise some women simply couldn’t make face-to-face coaching wouldn’t fit in the juggle. There were others where cost was a factor. There’s also a more personal story – I share it on the ‘My Why’ page.

I’ve put a lot of love into this journal. The cover, the printing, the paper, and the hand-stitched binding are of the best quality. It’s meant to be a treasure that will last a long time.

I want you to succeed, so if you need help along the way I’ll be there. Yes, the price of the journal includes my support.

Inside pages of Clarity Simplicity Success journal showing the core values section with on of the page illustrations in a desktop display